Great Eight

I have scanned the newspaper, radio, television, and the internets for the most talked about eight stories in the news this week.

Links to these headlines are not provided, and good luck finding them.

But trust me, these will be the most talked about topics when you hit the bars this weekend. Peace!

-City of St. Louis Bans Public Smoking. Mayor Disappointed to Learn that the Nickname "Puff Daddy" Has Been Taken.
-New Hooters Opens Downtown. Damn Right it Does.

-Why Play College Sports if You Can't Receive Illegal Benefits?

-Boss at Wash 'n Go Delays Boyz 2 Men's Comeback Album: Won't Give Them Weekends Off.
-Mel Gibson's Antics Distract Paparazzi From Catching Amazing Lindsay Lohan Nipple Slip.

-Braves Trade Sosa, Cash to Cards for Busch Stadium Urinal.
-Derek Jeter Comes Out With New Cologne; You Can Smell Overrated Too!
-Joe Theisman Performs Yearly Ritual: Deep Fries a Football, Eats it, Runs Over Barry Melrose With His Car.

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