Baby Making 101

Stupid stupid Matt Leinart. He went through all the trouble to be making tons of money in the NFL and now he's going to part with a lot of it since he's going to be a baby daddy. No, he didn't knock up Paris Hilton, however he did knock up his old USC girlfriend, 20-year-old Brynn Cameron (shown here).

According to an interview with her father, Brynn will remain in school and "is not interested in being married right now. She wants to finish her degree and then see where things go from there". Um, thanks. I don't think a stud like Leinart is going to agree to that shit anyway. Brynn and Matt apparently broke up last year but remained "friends". Ew. If my dad ever had to be interviewed about an ex-boyfriend who I was still "friends" with that knocked me up-- AKWARD!

Brynn is a shooting guard on the USC women's basketball team and will redshirt this year (which was to be her junior season). At least the kid will be rocking some hard-core athletic ability! Quick side note: according to her profile on the USC website, Brynn is undecided on a major but lists her career goal as "wanting one day to make a difference." She's making a difference all right; just not a very positive one for Leinart!

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Anonymous said...

first matt holds out for more money during training camp.

then news breaks that he knocked up a girl he's not married to.

i think he's getting ahold of this NFL thing pretty quickly, good job matt.