Frank Caliendo is Funnah

Even a power outage couldn't stop bertflex.com's Tony and Shaun from seeing a hilarious show on Friday night. Luckily, the Funny Bone had power (and more importantly--air conditioning) and the 7:30 performance of comedian Frank Caliendo went on without delay.

We start out with Rahn Ramey as the opening act. He was only on for a few minutes. I think I've heard most of his act before, even though the last time I was at the Funny Bone was about two years ago.

Then comes Frank Caliendo, the pride of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He starts out with some normal jokes, no impressions yet. All of a sudden he is doing Madden and Bush and it was a riot. Tony pointed out after the show that we had heard a lot of his material before by listening to him on the radio within the past couple days. I punched Tony on the spot for ruining the moment, and had to carry him home.

Listening to Frank do his Madden impersonation and talking about Brett Favre is awesome. He dropped the line "watermelon is the Brett Favre of produce." You just had to be there.

He also did Jim Rome, which is my personal favorite. I know he's got a lot more mainstream ones like Madden, Dubya, Clinton, Jeff Goldblum, Robin Williams, Pacino and DeNiro, etc, but Jim Rome is the best. And he even acknowledged that "only about 50 people in the room get what I'm doing right now...but they all think this is incredible."

After the show we waited for the crowd to die down a little bit and stood in line to buy his cd's and a dvd. If you ever want to hear Frank's material, call me or Tony because we've got all of it. He was nice enough to sign all the cd's and pose for a picture with me. It is possibly the worst picture of all time, but we actually posed in this manner. For the record, I am not 12 feet tall.

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