RIP Ironhead

Saturday was a sad day for sports fans, as we say goodbye to Craig "Ironhead" Heyward. Ironhead was one of the best goal-line fullbacks in the history of the game. Plowing guys over for TD's was Ironhead's specialty, and his NFL career lasted until 1998. Ironhead made a brief stop in St. Louis for the '97 season. He only scored one touchdown that year; unfortunately that made him one of the most productive players on the team. One infamous memory I have of him was when Dick Vermeil made Ironhead run laps after practice during training camp because he was so fat. Channel 5 showed him running, and running, and running all around the field while Mike Bush talked over the "highlight." We will truly miss you Mr. Heyward, you were fun to watch.

Oh yeah...there is one more infamous memory I have of Ironhead:

Thank you Ironhead for educating us on "this thingy."

That's Lather Builder, CHUMP!!

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big sandwich said...

Believe it or not I have an Ironhead story. Back when the sandwich worked at the prestigious Knights of Columbus Hall. I ran into him at a high school football awards banquet. He was a guest speaker, and when I was bringing food to the head table that he was sitting at, I handed him a plate of baked potatoes to which he replied "I can't eat all of these". He goes on record as the widest person I have ever met.