Leon traded, for Beer?

The Fullerton Flyers, an independent minor league baseball team that begins play next month, recently traded for a pitcher from a team in Schaumburg, Ill., whose season is already underway.The Flyers acquired the pitcher by sending the Schaumburg team, also known as the Flyers, 60 cases of Budweiser. That's because the pitcher is Nigel Thatch, who is 0-3 in seven starts but is also the actor who played cocky athlete Leon in Budweiser commercials.

"This trade was a bargain for us," Fullerton General Manager Ed Hart said. "We were prepared to throw in a Clydesdale."Rich Ehrenrich, owner of the Schaumburg team, told the Chicago Tribune, "Nigel really gave us a unique presence in the sports marketplace. In the true spirit of 'Leon Time,' we'll have a cold one courtesy of Fullerton and thank Nigel for his time here.


Anonymous said...

Did you see who's the coaches for that Fullerton team? Gary "I swear I didn't flip them off" Templeton and Charlie Hough, who officially set the record for the slowest pitch and tying Willie McGee and Otis Nixon in an ugly contest in one day. Hough was also the first major leaguer to have his great grandkids come to watch him play. Templeton's kid, Gary II, plays for the squad too.

Anonymous said...

leon is traded from the flyers to the flyers??

that makes me want to watch a CFL roughriders vs. roughriders game.