Coolaid the HipHop Clown

If we didn't already have a good mascot for our site, I would submit this guy: Coolaid the Hip Hop Clown, at least that's what his shirt says. I want to submit this as one of the greatest pictures of all time.


Anonymous said...

taken from: http://www.coolaidtheclown.com/

"The tightest hip hop clowns ever!!"

"All Krumpers, All Buckers, All Amped Clowns, Watch out! Coolaid is in the house!!! Buck! Amped! Krumped!Hip Hop Clowns! or whatever! We are taking on anybody who want's to battle. if your scared go to church, if not then holla at me. 310-973-4580"

"Xtra Xtra read all about it!Coolaid The Clown is having open auditions. If you think you have what it takes to be apart of the tightest crew ever! Then holla at me. You must be able to Krump, Buck, and get amped, No rookies allowed."

He also has a myspace page with a lot more pictures:


and tony, thanks for making me waste 4 minutes researching coolaid the clown.

Hollywood said...

Does anyone else have a strong urge to declare "Homey don't play that" when they look at this picture?

Anonymous said...

"homey the clown..."

(kids) "homey the clown..."

"doesn't mess around..."

(kids) "doesn't mess around"