Hey Jack, Ya Hungry?


A few days ago Big Sandwich wrote an article about some of the many fine menu items you may read about in the upcoming obituaries in your local paper. One of them was the DonutBurger, introduced by the geniuses who run the Gateway Grizzlies Minor League Baseball team. Their job is to sell tickets. Because of the DonutBurger, I plan on going to a game this year. Mission Accomplished.

Jack Clark and Danny Cox have been friends since their days playing for the Cardinals in the 80's. They have developed a friendly rivalry recently because Cox is the manager for the previously mentioned Grizzlies, while Clark is a hitting coach for the River City Rascals--both teams are located in the St. Louis area. But the rivalry is not on the field like you would suspect. It has shifted off the field...yes, I'm talking about DonutBurger Eating Contests. Just look at the joy that the DonutBurger brings to these two men.

That's a good 600 pounds involved in that hug. Jack Clark can't even reach his hand to the "3-4" on Cox's back. Think about that...

There will be many eating contests between the two ex-teammates, but they will all pale in comparison to the DonutBurger Showdown scheduled for later this summer. Clark actually got a pre-game shot in on Cox earlier tonight.

"After embarassing Danny Cox in the DonutBurger Showdown, I plan on eating his second baseman."

Stay tuned to see who can have the most heart attacks after the eat-off!

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