What is the only think ye need know about "THE WEEKEND"? The picture to the right should explain everything. Well, maybe you do need a little more information. Ok, so as promised there was lots of food and beer. Lots of people got drunk. Justin broke a wooden spoon on my titty. York threw beer bottles and the word hat across the room when Kansas lost, and those in attendance for other York meltdowns thought he was very restrained. There was WAY too much flexing by guys who should never flex anything (we should leave the flexing to Bert). We needed a running scoreboard of "Hard R" versus "Soft A", because it would have been a close race. Justin said "I need a light....light!" approximately 4,256 times in the 4 days.

Draft Notes: York took forever to make every pick, just like he has every year. Jeremy took 3 closers in the first 5 rounds. We laughed at him. A lot. In fact we're still laughing. Jeff Suppan was taken between Conner Jackson and Ryan Zimmerman and everyone bemoaned the fact that Suppan was taken WAY too early. Randy sucks at life but owns Bert Flex for the rest of our natural lives. I hate my team. York's rotation is Roy Oswalt and "Pray For Rain."

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