The New Era Begins

April 10, 2006 was a historic day in the city of St. Louis. After many frustrating years for residents of the city and county, downtown has made it’s first major step in becoming an attractive place for people to visit and enjoy themselves once again. Because of a massive case of urban sprawl, the city of St. Louis is left with a small population in comparison to the suburbs in surrounding counties. But now it seems like downtown is back and happening again! And there is only one place that needs to be given all the credit in the world: Al Hrabosky’s Ballpark Saloon.

After Mr. Hrabosky opened his establishment in 2004, many wondered what this visionary had in mind. According to a survey conducted at Delmar Gardens, at the corner of I-170 and Delmar, there are thousands of problems with the downtown area. Many were quoted as to saying that “all those black folk” make the downtown area an unsafe place to live. “Have you ever seen the news?” spouted Helen Warbermiller. “The crime rate is ridiculous!” The staff of bertflex.com failed to check the statistics, so we’ll take their word on it, since they seemed like experts.

Despite the critics, Al Hrabosky decided to take a chance on his ‘mom and drunk pop’ operation. And it has turned the city around in a short amount of time. On Monday the local base ball participants opened their new sporting field near the Ballpark Saloon. The map below shows in detail what the city looks like from an overhead view:

Hundreds of thousands of people were shown on the news Monday enjoying themselves by Hrabosky’s and this new base ball field. If the local team, known to some as the “Cardinals” have half the success that Hrabosky has had, they will be making profits in no time.

With new businesses sprouting up like dandelions, what could possibly come next to the newer, “hipper” downtown? Only time will tell.

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