WBC Preview Part 1:

Team Netherlands Ready To Take On The World

Andruw Jones showed up to try out for the Netherlands on Wednesday, surprised to see so many great players in the country's heated contest for the center field spot.

"It's gon' be ard to make dis club, mang. Der is a lot of top competition for the tree outfield spots."

Among Jones competing for a spot on the roster are such greats like Robin van Doornspeek and Dirk Kloostervan't.

Jones didn't come by himself. He brought a #1 pitcher with him from the United States: a 1997 Juggs Pitching Machine used by the Atlanta Braves!

After finding out this potential ace had made it to the tryouts in one piece, manager Robert Eenhoorn said, "We have been real desperate for a #1 type guy, who's going to shut down the big boys in big situations. We're glad Andruw brought the Juggs Machine with him."

Also in Andruw Jones' goodie bag was a defensive drills video from the Tom Emanski series. Now his possible teammates will have some sort of idea what to do when the ball is hit to them and how to crow-hop the Emanski way!

Experts say the 8-time Gold Glover Jones and the playoff-experienced Pitching Machine have a pretty good chance to make the team. But not so fast, Eenhoorn points out, "Neither of them should take representing our country for granted. Nobody has made this team just yet." The Netherlands' first game is March 8th vs. Puerto Rico in San Juan.

(ugly hat...check)
(ugly wristband...check)
"This is the instructional video for YOU."

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