Conspiracy Revealed: Barber Gets His Revenge On Panthers


Bertflex.com has learned from our sources in Seattle, Washington that the Seattle Seahawks CHEATED in their game last night vs. the Carolina Panthers. Apparently RB Shaun Alexander has not fully recovered from his concussion suffered in the game last weekend against the Redskins. Trainers told the team's star running back that he could not play in the NFC Championship game. Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren was made aware of this information Thursday, January 19th, and quickly got on the phone with the New York Giants.

Transcripts of these conversations have been shredded.

No one in Seattle's front office has been talking about these phone calls.

Even airport records of private jets flying in and out of the Seattle Airport have suddenly vanished.

Why, you ask?

Because Tiki Barber filled in for Shaun Alexander on Sunday, January 22nd vs. the Carolina Panthers, rushing for 132 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Our sources in the Northwest are highly credible and we know for a fact that this information is 100% accurate. Here is evidence if you do not believe us:

Will the real Shaun Alexander please stand up?

What could possess Holmgren to go to such lengths? 1.) Obviously they look exactly alike and no one could tell the difference. 2.)Tiki Barber was shut down and did next to nothing against the Panthers two weeks ago, thus his motivation to get a second chance at running all over the Carolina D was at an all-time high. 3.) Brett Favre would have done the same thing.

Here is a photo of "Shaun Alexander" in yesterday's game, most likely pointing to the real Shaun Alexander in the owner's luxury box:

This is not a photoshop. Anyone can tell that is Tiki Barber in the Seahawks uniform. Notice the referee is turned the other way? The NFL could be in on this conspiracy, too.

We are the first to break this story and if more information becomes available, we will be the first to report that, as well.

The next question that needs to be answered: What can Bill Cowher do to counteract this new Seahawk two-headed monster in the Super Bowl?

This dance craze is sweeping the nation: The Cowher Face-Step.

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That Cowher picture from Three Rivers Stadium is nasty.