New Pix at the Photo Gallery

Click the link on the right under "Required Reading" for the new additions to the Bert Flex Photo Gallery. The two new albums are called "Bird Flex" and "Josh Eats Stuff."

The "Bird Flex" album shows Bird Flex hanging out, helping everyone do the Captain Morgan pose, beating Josh in RBI and foosball, getting dunked on by Shaun, and getting the Bill Cowher face from me. For those who don't know yet, Bird Flex is the plastic parrot Justin stole from Westport who has quickly become the newest member of the crew. Some people would say he's cooler than Josh. I might be "some people." Some people might also say that Josh has some real jerks for friends.

The "Josh Eats Stuff" gallery is obviously photographic evidence of Josh eating stuff from this past weekend. Good times were had by some, but not necessarily by the Waffles and Bass (the beer, not the fish) breakfast Josh ate on monday morning. Some people think that "Waffles and Bass" might make a good band name. Once again, I might be "some people."

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big sandwich said...

that boy loves him some waffles.