Work sucks... & Why Guys are Easier to shop for than Girls!

So, it's common knowledge that there's a reason why work is called "work". I know people like you to call it a "career" but if you're doing something you hate, it's not that-- it's always just going to be "work". I'm "working" my ass off this week. Working in retail is TERRIBLE-- especially the week after Christmas. People are stupid.

I think you guys have it all wrong when it comes to gift-buying. Yes, jewelry is nice and usually appreciated, but it also tends to be generic and ill-thought out. You just go to the store, and buy whatever is the price you want to spend--you probably aren't noticing whether you're buying gold, white gold, silver, sterling silver, etc. There is a difference. Trust me. Let me give you some advice. Personally, as a girl myself, I've always liked spa gift certificates-- you know, manicures, pedicures, facials, massages, girly shit. Trust me, girls like gift certificates. If your wife/fiancee/girlfriend/mother/sister says she doesn't, she's a bitch and you'll never be able to please her anyway so why try. Girls like shopping and if you give her a certificate to a favorite store of hers (which shouldn't be that hard to figure out-- look at a clothing tag, or an empty bag that's bound to be lying around the house) she should be very happy with you, because that means she gets to go out and spend your money. Yeah!!!

You all overthink the gift buying process. Personally, I think guys are worse to shop for. You always say "whatever you want to give me". Well that shit doesn't cut the mustard. I need ideas!!! Clothes and jewelry are NOT appropriate guys gifts unless you're married, or it's something for your father. Wallets are WAY too generic, and gift certificates aren't good because you will lose it and/or never use it because you hate shopping. And if I get you a gift certificate for a favorite restaurant, or to the movies, or something else, you'll just take me and then I'll feel bad because basically I treated myself to half your present and to hell if I'm letting you take someone else out! In the past, I've liked giving that special guy in my life the following items: specialty beer I know he likes and tickets to concerts, sporting events, or anything else I could think of that I knew he would like (also, it doesn't hurt, I must admit, to treat myself to something from Victoria Secret's). Yes, I know I am awesome. Autographed sports paraphenalia hasn't hurt either.

Since I was single this year, probably the first time since I was 14, I had no guy to buy a gift for. And I was glad. No muss, no fuss. Little stress about what to get someone who already has everything he could ever want, or at least can't figure out what else he needs. So I'm holding onto that autographed Ozzie Smith Hall of Fame ball for another year....

Moral of the story is-- don't bitch about having problems buying a gift for a girl; think about how hard she has it!

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Anonymous said...

yo fresh, i do agree w/ a lot of what you said, howevuh i'm not a big fan of buying the gift certificate because it may seem a little easy and lacking in thoughtfulness. Don't get me wrong, on the "effectiveness" scale, it is a 10 (assuming it is a store you like) because as you said, "that means she gets to go out and spend your money." but unless it is packaged with other gifts, it just doesn't seem very thought-out.

and as a side note, you can buy me gift cards if you'd like...i won't lose them and enjoy using them as an alternative to MY money.

ps. yes...people are stupid