we is crazy

What is going on in this video? Click here for bad dudes. Truly beautiful.
1/2 of the rude comments crew (along w/ my partner Big Sandwich)

EDITOR'S NOTE: Photos from this world-class drinking extravaganza can be found here. One example of the 24 great pictures can be found on the right. Josh, among others, got absolutely demolished and was almost forced to get the "Faded Dude" tatoo, although the "H8N and Deb8N" might be slightly more appropriate. There are many great stories from this night, but the best might be the "Faggy Jacket Holding" incident. Dubs all around.


big sandwich said...

CLASSIC! The best part is Josh Slow-nes yellin' - "Take the Damn picture!"

I got moves fo days,

Anonymous said...

the faggy jacket holding story might be one of our best stories ever. definitely cracks the top 10, maybe even higher than that.