Powder Blue Fever

For those of us in the Hardcore League, it is well-known that Sir has a mini stable of young Japanese talent in his minor league system. It is something I referred to earlier today as a "Jap-opoly." Political correctness at its finest.

If that wasn't enough to get Sir pumped up for Japan's pro league, the NPB, one of their teams recently revealed new jerseys. The Tokyo Yakult Swallows have a full array of uni's for you to pick from. I'd like to point out the homes say "Swallows" on the front. I know none of you will snicker at that, but I did. I'm 15 years old, what can I say?

More importantly, the reason this "news" is being posted: included in the Swallows' jersey arsenal are the ever-so-lovable powder blues! Yes!

Thumbs up to the Swallows for going 80s on their throwbacks. Now give us Tuffy Rhodes back.

ps. This kind of reminds me of a column somebody wrote on Poochie last summer.

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