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Yesterday I realized that I hadn't been putting in the award-winning effort for Bert Flex as I normally do (or at least comparable to this past summer, when I had no life).

And once in a while I can generate some good ideas, so I went to work thinking of what I could offer you for this Friday that would be of any value.

I came up with a new feature, that honestly may only last one week: MS Paint Week in Review. I'll leave it up to the loyal Flexers and our advertisers to see if this should continue into the future. Here goes:

-Monday began MLB's Winter Meetings in Las Vegas. Lil' Kenny Rosenthal got all the best rumors. How does he do it?

-On Tuesday, our own Good Face posted another top notch article on Baseball Digest Daily. I enjoyed the little story about TGF trying to get huuuuge off of Andro. Now he just does it with protein bars and celery sticks.

-All week, I've been having nightmares of Tony La Russa trivia questions haunting me at night. Probably should have hid the box of porn a little better. Or maybe make it not so obvious...

-Wednesday morning, my InsideSTL article laid out my expectations from the Cardinals at the Winter Meetings. Not surprisingly, the Cardinals made no moves. They ended up being in a bunch of SP and RP rumors, but didn't pull the trigger on anything. According to reports, they made a late bid on K-Rod, but fell short. Sure.

-Wednesday night, I "fell short" of eating a salad and green beans for dinner, but went with Wendy's junior bacon cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets instead.

-Thursday night, the ML posted a douchebag report on the ShamWow guy. He's really a tool, and I'm glad the Librarian brought the heat.

-And as always, Mizzourah has some k.u.chebags and a variety of other stuff for your perusal on this lovely Friday. Enjoy the weekend.

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