Never Leave Home Without Your Mustache, or Mustache Card

We all know our friends over at the American Mustache Institute are trendsetters. Now they have posted an application on their website to register for a Mustached American Discount Card. With that card, you'll be able to score discounts from all your favorite merchants.

In the St. Louis area, these places are on board:

Fu Manchu
El Scorcho

Okay, I have no idea what those places are (I think Fu Manchu is a restaurant), nor are those "your favorite merchants" (yet), but I think having an official Mustached American Card would make me at least six or seven times cooler than I already am, so why the hell not? Plus more places may participate, so if I can save 5% at a porn shop and wear a fake mustache, I think that makes me a winner. Sign up here.

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