An Interview with MsChif

In case you're not closely connected to the big happenings here at BertFlex, we are making a trip over to the East Side on Friday night! Unfortunately for you pervs, it's not what you're thinking. We're heading to Collinsville to catch the Ring of Honor wrestling show.

It is ROH's first time in the STL area, and the promotion has produced some of the best young wrestling talent out there today. You won't see many Zubaz-wearing, mullet-flowing, flabby wrasslers of the late 80's there on Friday; ROH will produce a strong show, with less douchebaggery (until we show up).

As a preview to the show, I did a quick hits email interview with one of the women we'll be seeing there - MsChif. I've seen her a few times when Gateway Championship Wrestling was around. She'll be wrestling another former GCW star Daizee Haze, and it should be a really good match for the SHIMMER title.

For a little background on MsChif, check her Wikipedia page (all the top bloggers use that for research) or this article from SLAM! Sports, or just go straight to MsChif.net for a lot more.

Here's what we've got:

1) I'm not sure if you grew up here, so I've got a couple options for this first one: the standard St. Louis question - where did you go to high school? Or - how long have you lived in the St. Louis area? Also, trying not to sound creepy, but what are your favorite things to do/places to go/eat/hang out around town?

St. Louis? What? Hey, I live in the Inferno man. IHOP! Yes, IHOP exists in the Inferno.

2) I asked a few of our contributors if they had any questions that they would like to be answered. One of them wants to know if you're single? The "creepy" factor is off the charts now, but for the sake of my blogger journalism excellence, I have to ask the tough questions...


3) When did you start watching wrestling? Who were your favorites growing up?

Too young to recall. I always liked Bruiser Brody, Superfly Jimmy Snuka, The Rockers, Rock n Roll Express, Legion of Doom....

4) In regards to women's wrestling in the US, do you think ROH and SHIMMER are making a significant impact to combat the "pillow-fighting diva" image so many people have?

Hell yes, as long as people take the time to watch both promotions!

5) Most (not all) of us at the 'Flex are reasonably intelligent and recognize the line between work and shoot. Do you encounter fans (adults) who take pro wrestling a little too seriously? If so, how do you handle the situation?

Fortunately, not really. I hope it remains that way.

6) Who is a wrestler (male or female) at any level that you'd like to wrestle against?

Good Question...

7) What's the most inventive weapon you've ever used during a match? What would you like to use but haven't gotten the chance yet?

Green Mist!! :) A spiked vest? Really I don't dream of using weapons. Not usually necessary.

8) We know you're a tough girl and all, but we're still going to make you choose between "Dirty Dancing" and "Steel Magnolias" for best chick movie ever.

Oh come on!! Give me horror movies!! I've never even seen Steel Magnolias.

9) How badly will Daizee Haze get her ass kicked this Friday at the show?

As much as it takes to keep the SHIMMER title.

Thanks again to MsChif and we'll see her Friday! For more info on the ROH show, click here


Anonymous said...

Over Under on amount of JNCO's in the closet?

Jay Cal said...

That was a fun read, sorry MsChif wasn't a little more receptive to your questions. I've done a few interviews for my blog at The Alliance and it really helps when your subject is willing to open up a little. Here is one of my favorites I did with Joey Ryan