A Braggin' Rights Recap, Sort Of

Last night I hit the Busch Braggin' Rights game with a 10-year-old. Before I left, I assessed the possible advantages and disadvantages of this outing.

Advantages: Child is likely to serve as convenient intermediary in case of run-ins with Truman the Tiger, who is a total dick.

Disadvantages: Child is likely to tell his mother if I start the "You're going to get your fuckin' head kicked in" chant, and he cannot legally drive me home if I get wasted.

So a toss-up. We arrived at the game a bit late due to traffic-and-parking related incidents, which means we missed this glorious display of manhood. One of Mizzou's male cheerleaders did catch my eye, though, because he looked like a linebacker he ate a linebacker: fucking beefy. I trust you can pick him out of this lineup.

Anyway, the Illini proceeded to hand Mizzou a 75-59 loss, while Mizzou did its best to rack up 20-something team fouls. Nice job guys. The child and I still had fun watching the game while trash-talking our own team and comparing notes on wrasslin', cards, and our respective time in the U.S. educational system. And then I returned him to his folks, all jacked up on nachos and Cherry Pepsi, 'cause I couldn't make it any longer without dropping the f-bomb.

Oh, also, I got this for Christmas from the child and his family. There are four other Potato Heads and assorted parts inside. It's OK that you are jealous, and if you are nice to me I might let you come over and play Potato Head with me. Maybe. (Wait, does that sound dirty?)

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