BertFlex Chronicles of Failure: MsChif Edition

Last Friday night, somewhere around 8:02 PM, a classic moment in BertFlex history occurred. It had quite the build-up and is a pretty funny story, probably more so to us than anyone not involved. Either way, here's how it all went down:

In mid-November the ML expressed her desire to see a live wrasslin' show. After some interest in road-trippin' to a WWE house show in Springfield, MO, I threw out the idea of seeing a relatively new organization called Ring of Honor in December (last Friday). It was their first trip to the area, and I already had tickets with former B-Flex contributor Hollywood.

The ML bought some ROH tickets; The Good Face and Sir planned on tagging along. A couple weeks ago TGF put in a request with ROH to get an interview with one of their wrestlers. After failing miserably, I laughed at TGF's lack of importance and decided to step in. I saw MsChif and Daizee Haze (two women) were on the card, and since the ladies love me, I sent a request to both. It was an email request to MsChif and a MySpace message (that's how all the greats line up interviews) to Haze.

We actually scored the interview with MsChif, as seen here last week. We still haven't heard back from Daizee Haze, so you know how high we rank in her life. Though to her credit, I did send that MySpace message posing as The Good Face, so maybe she was creeped out by his reputation and deleted the request.

Next step was sending questions to MsChif, and she replied with some uninspiring answers. Looking back, in the email I sent to her, I said we'd like a short and sweet email interview with her, so maybe she took that literally. I liked the IHOP answer for #1; just wished she would have opened up a little more. Oh well, not a big deal.

So in that interview post and Linx/Stuff/Junk, we plugged the shit out of the ROH show and that we'd be seeing MsChif vs. Daizee Haze Friday night.

Back to that infamous moment, right before the first match got underway, the ROH ring announcer came on to welcome us to the show. He went over a few things, one of which was the cancellation of one particular match. You probably know the rest of the story...

This site reports that she was out with a leg infection and was in the hospital all weekend. We do hope MsChif has a speedy recovery, but the fact that she wasn't able to wrestle in the show is very fitting for us. Just another chapter in the Bible of Failures that we'll eventually write one day.

As for the rest of the show, we saw some guys who looked like Joey Fatone and Screech. Also the ML and Sir learned some new moves to use on each other, and Ken Rosenthal reports they are forming a tag team soon. Oh, and we heard a new chant to use for the next Illini weekend: "You're gonna get your fuck-in head kicked in" (followed by rhythmic clapping). You gotta hear it, it's awesome.

Overall, it was a really fun show, and we have preliminary plans to head back out to C-Ville and see them in March. You should come too.

What? You don't make plans four months ahead of time to see wrasslin? What's wrong with you?

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The Screetch looks more like Shia LeBouef with a beard.