We're Three Years Old - Almost

November 15th marks the three year anniversary of bertflex.com. In 2005, I kicked it off with a bang by saying this:

mark this date on yo' calendars: nov. 15, 2005. bert wins the mvp and bertflex.com is up and running. i'm in, tp's in, the 314 and 618 is gonna take over. as a wise man once said, "it's not my job to stop me." and you won't...

That was from my days of being a cocky young blogger who focused on shit-talking and using lowercase letters as opposed to the present, where it's all about the serious journalism and boobies.

If you click on that November 2005 link, you'll see we began the site with the above post, followed by ones about Eddie Guerrero's death, the Blues' draft pick possibilities, Mark Madsen, and Sir's college football rankings. They don't call us the best in the business for nothin'. Luckily that lack of focus hasn't continued throughout the years or anything...

This week we'll post our normal crap, and have some reflections on how we went from a measly six readers (ourselves) on day one of bertflex.com to the staggering eleven readers that we have today! We hold each and every one of you near and dear to our hearts. There may have been some technical difficulties for most of 2007, but we won't let that get in the way of having fun.

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The Good Face said...

BertFlex is my source for college football analysis!