Just in Time for Xmas: The 2008 AL MVP Commemorative Voting Chart

As previously reported by the Mad Librarian, Dustin Pedroia (pictured) walked away with the 2008 AL MVP Award earlier today. My intention is not to debate the worthiness of this selection. Rather, I present a fabulous opportunity for sports immortality.

Click on this link to the BBWAA's voting results, and you'll find some surprising names: Raul Ibanez got a 10th-place vote? Jason Bartlett got a fifth-place vote? 

Seems like the only person missing is ... you!

BertFlex is here to remedy that situation. For just $14.95 (or its equivalent in bacon), we'll send you your very own AL MVP Commemorative Voting Chart, on which we'll type your name and favorite team. It even comes in lime green, just like the pros use. 

Wow your friends with your alleged accomplishment! Shock them with the plausibility that you actually did receive a 10th-place vote from the gatekeepers for the Hall of Fame! 

Click the image below to enlarge (ha):

Operators (smooth ones) are standing by ...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey Dustin Pedroia; what are you going to do to celebrate your MVP status?

DP: "Nutin, chillin at the Holiday Inn"

/dropping Chingy references