Dirty Shirty Recap

The dirty shirt party has come and gone, and I neglected to make any of your disgusting ideas into a T-shirt because it was much, much easier to order this off the Internets and save my energy for knocking back a chocolate-syrup shot cut with a little bit of vodka (to reduce viscosity, natch).

Matzo is rather insistent on knowing who would have won the T-shirt contest were I not so lazy; apparently he's got the I-wants for a McRib. (Or, more likely, this is another example of his overly competitive nature.) The winner is in fact Matzo, who recommended I rock a "You make my decimal system Dewey" T. I owe you something mediocre, chief, like another 20 years of my friendship.

As for the other guests, I particularly enjoyed the pregnant chick wearing a "So easy a caveman could do me" T-shirt, but I think HMW's Leonard Little jersey caused the most discomfort among guests.

HMW note: I drove home that night - really well in fact. I don't think I ran anyone over, but who pays attention to that stuff?

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