Philly is Back/Still on the Hate Map

In case you forgot who the jerkiest fans are in the US, Philadelphia reminds you that they are the champs. Check out the video of Sarah Palin getting booed by Flyer fans:

Actually it's been a while since we've had any infamous Philly moments like this...and then they TOTALLY redeem themselves!

I think the rule in Philadelphia is to boo any politician when they walk on the ice. And it's always a given that you should boo any woman when they walk on the ice, so combining the two was a deadly combination that we can all enjoy.

Good job Philly.

And for the wrasslin' fans, here is some more from the fine citizens at Philadelphia's ECW Arena. It's definitely worth your time to kill the next hour watching ECW clips on YouTube. I wouldn't lie to ya.


Mad Librarian said...

I've noticed that women don't get booed on the ice as long as they're wearing slutty outfits. Palin could have avoided the cold reception if she'd worn a cheerleading uniform.

The Good Face said...

When I grow up, I want to be an ECW fan. Yeeaa! Boooo!