How Bad Do You Want Your Shit Back?

It's pretty common around BFHQ where something is taken out of someone else's possession (like Maltliquorman's man card), then playfully held in return for some measure of violence. As of press time, cooler heads have always prevailed, but realistically that could change at the drop of a poop hat.

Well up in Des Moines, Iowa, this is happening fo' real. Here's all you need to know from the Des Moines Register:

A man who is alleged to have taken another man's property from his house in a recent burglary has challenged the victim of the crime to a fight, Des Moines police are reporting this morning. The winner takes all.

That's awesome! (Serious guy speaking for a sec: okay kids, burglary isn't cool, even if Hazelwood is the misdemeanor capital of the world - I can't promote stealing shit from someone else's house unless you own it. That said, this story is f'n hilarious.)

The article goes on to say that the victim is 66 years old, so you have to figure this is some punk kid picking on an older guy, but the burglar is reported to be in his mid 50's. I guess times are tough up in Des Moines as well; old guys' have to survive too.

But damn, Likes to Fight Guy, back off. You stole the man's shit, now shut up and go about your business. You're already ahead, don't come back for more. It's really a lose-lose situation for the burglar. Bad play on his part, and I hope he's the one who gets his ass beat.

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Kelly said...

my house just got itself burglarized this week, and I for one would love a chance at the punk(s) who did it. Though admittedly I would sneak a bat or other blunt object into the match...