Callin' You Out: Rina Wear

Alright Rina Wear. Let me say this up front: I enjoy your funny shirts. Most of them are good. Some of them need to be part of my collection ("Bacon: The Candy Bar of Meats" is at the top of that list). Unfortunately I don't own any of your clothing, but I like to support you as a local business targeted to my people.

So naturally...we're MySpace friends.

You're great, you're cool, blah blah. On to your call-out. Maybe I am in a cranky mood or something, but after seeing this new shirt a little while ago, I decided to fire up the ol' Bertflex and run wild on you.

An Aaron Miles shirt? Come on. I gave you guys a free pass after seeing the Skip Shoe-maker shirt. And I really bit my tongue after the Troy Glaus shirt was unleashed on the world.

But Aaron Miles? I know that many scrappy, white St. Louisans enjoy seeing an Aaron Miles at-bat four times a game, but that doesn't mean he should be celebrated in t-shirt form. Side note: there is only one Pujols shirt design, meaning Skip Shumaker has the 2:1 t-shirt advantage over Bert. I know Albert is a little too "mainstream" around the area, but that needs to be fixed.

That's the extent of my rambling. Keep up the good work Rina Wear, but focus your creative effort on places other than four feet tall utility men who have "Back in Black" as their batting music.

Neither of those things are cool. And we're all about being cool, here at Bertflex.

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