BFHQ Update

Hey everyone, we hope you had a swell three-day weekend. Back to the grind, and in four days you can have fun again.

For an update on the new Bertflex World Headquarters, if you haven't been over to the new place, we have quite a nice little set-up. And to "professionalize" ourselves a little more, we are getting legal internet installed at some point today. AT&T gave us a small 12 hour (!) window that they'll be over. What a bunch of assclowns.

So for the first half of the day I'll sit here and wait. In honor of being off work, I'll check in periodically and let you know how my day is going. I'm sure you're on the edge of your seats.

But really, should I hold the suspense, or just say "breakfast, computer, video games, porn, more food, back to sleep, online poker, video games" and get it over with now?

8:48 update - I moved from my room upstairs down to the couch. Back to sleep. I was having a dream in which Sir was yelling at people, so hopefully that resumes.

10:40 still sleeping. I enjoy half days, in case you care. Also, here is this week's insideSTL article to hold you over.

12:30 I'm out broskie's. Sir will be holding down the fort for the rest of the day. AT&T, you're on the clock. Don't embarrass yourself in front of our massive audience.

8:15 AT&T lied. They will be hearing from Chet Pleban in the morning.

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