Reggie's Moving In Too!

As you may have read over the weekend, Sir and I will be moving into the new BertFlex Corporate Office in a little under 10 days. We're pretty pumped about it and hope you are able to stop by for our little shindigs (whenever you are lucky enough to be invited).

While going through some of the junk in my basement, I stumbled across something that will definitely be the centerpiece of our entire office: an
Upper Deck Reggie Jackson Promotional Cut-Out.

I'm sure everyone's playing an exciting game of "Why the F do you Have That?" right now. So I'll address that first: because it's Reggie Fucking Jackson.

Okay, maybe I'll expand a little more - I actually forgot that I own this. It is promoting the '93 Upper Deck set, and I'm sure I got this right around that time. No idea how I acquired it, but being a big Reggie fan (even at 11 years old), I'm sure I beat someone's ass with some moves I learned from the Ninja Turtles.

But it's Reggie Jackson. And we'll find a nice home for it at BFHQ.

Looking at it from a distance, it's actually pretty creepy, so I'm sure there will be pranks pulled on Sir from time to time, just to make his heart skip a beat or two.

We are also in negotiations with the ML over her Brian Jordan McRib promotional poster. I'm not sure if she'll accept our $1 Billion offer to buy it outright, or if it will be a temporary donation to BFHQ. Either way, we want that shit.

So hey, if you have any promotional things featuring black athletes, let us know!



The Good Face said...

That photo looks like it was taken in Gitmo.

Hack said...

Did Reggie play with Upper Deck before or after his second stint with Oakland?

Big Head said...

Two Words- Bad Ass.