Our Interesting Baseball Weekend

I'm pretty spent right now, but just a quick update, everything went well with our road trip over the weekend. And by "well" I mean that we at least made it home in one piece, and luckily I still have money left in my bank account. *Travel Tip*: When you start off a road trip being delayed by an hour and a half due to a blown up 18-wheeler (and both sides of 270 being shut down), that's usually a red flag that crazy shit will follow.

Saturday was my big interview with Cardinals prospect Brett Wallace. We talked for about seven minutes (topics included: Fantasy Baseball, RBI Baseball, and favorite meat. I really stepped up my game for this). He seemed pretty impressed with the blogger lifestyle that I live, and who could blame him?

I doubt that I'll be able to post the entire interview transcript here tonight, but we'll see. If not, I'll put the insideSTL link up Tuesday.

Brett was so motivated by my hard-hitting questions that he hit a 3-run bomb that went about 900 feet. Hopefully that's a sign of things to come for my fantasy team.

We should be able to give a big recap of the weekend in Quad Cities and Peoria for you guys over the next couple days. In the meantime, be sure to check out the photo gallery for our best moments of the weekend (you'll notice me losing $50 of Sir's and my money in blackjack is not in there - the dealer was wrecking me pretty badly). Sir caused quite a scene with his stadium food eating, as two different guys, on different days, in different ballparks, each looked horrified as he wolfed down a ginormous burrito and fudge brownie ice cream respectively.

Some things never change.


Hack said...

Once again, photographic proof of why I should not have been suprised when Sir announced he was a diabetic.

Anonymous said...

Pair-A-Dice or Isle Capri?

Anonymous said...

the isle. damn dealer kept hitting 20's.

Anonymous said...

Isle is a good time. Spent many a dumb poker tourney there.

O'Brien in Peoria kickass, but the Banditos park isn't bad. Best stadium that's underneath a fucking highway in all the nation.