Kevin Slaten, Again

Here at B-Flex, we've really beaten the Kevin Slaten horse to death. The saga has been fun to pay attention to, as we hope this is the end of the Slaten era in St. Louis media. Unfortunately the chances of that are about 0%, since the market has a lot of men 45-59 years old with mustaches and jorts who hang onto every word he says.

An excellent article hit the RFT's website on Wednesday regarding all things Slaten: history, career, personal life, family life, legal troubles, etc. It is recommended reading if you have 10-15 minutes and are in the right mood. If you're having a good day, I'd say don't waste your time. If you're a little pissy today, check it out.

Quick analysis: the piece starts out with comments from current-day Slaten, promising/threatening to dig up dirt on the writer if she writes about his negative past. Believe it or not, Kevin comes off as a complete jackass. But, as the saying goes, bad publicity is good publicity.

And articles like this don't help the cause of getting Slaten run out of town. This is exactly what "the kingdom" wants: people to talk about him, good or bad.

RFT dives deeper and deeper into Slaten's history, even putting him in a positive light at some points. No telling if the writer meant to do this, or tried as much as possible to stay on the king's good side.

Once again, it is a well-written article. It's just too bad the focus is on an assclown like Kevin Slaten.

We here at Bert Flex stand by our statements made previously about Kevin Slaten: he is a douchebag. He is a jerk. And he sucks at life. He makes money for the radio stations that he works for, and that's fine for them...but he sucks at radio too. If Kevin would like to dig up dirt about us, our families, and/or our significant others, he is more than welcome to.

One thing he ought to keep in mind about us, and the RFT writer: nobody fucking cares who we are. Kristen Hinman wrote the article. You're really going to go after her? I don't even remember her name, and I just wrote it two sentences ago.

Let's play along and say that Slaten is back on the air in early October. Is he going to use his first show bashing Kristen Hinman? I can hear it now -

"Kristen Hinman, you're a liar! You're wrong! I hired a private investigator, recommended by my personal superlawyer, Chet Pleban, and found out that you dated a guy six years ago who smoked doobies in his basement. Doobies!! You're wrong! Carpe Diem!"

Oh yeah, her career is totally ruined now.

For the first time ever, I should have listened to Steve Savard: post the link and say "I don't want to waste my time." Classic.

Thursday update: Slaten leaves a voicemail to the RFT. Link here.

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