Dick Belding, You Sly Dog

For those of you not hip to the club scene in the STL, one Mr. Dennis Haskins will be hosting a "Back 2 School" party at Home Nightclub, which is inside Ameristar.

Nope, no misprint to see here. Dennis Haskins, as in Mr. Belding. See for yourself:

If you haven't been paying attention over the past year or two, Mr. Belding has become quite the dirty old man. He's all over the party scene, and if you do a google image search of "Mr. Belding Party", you'd be amazed at the results.

Yes, cheers.

And all along we thought Screech was the creepy one.

If you haven't dropped everything you're doing right now to check your calendar, do it! Friday September 12th, we'll be at Home Nightclub. You better be there too.

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