WSOP Update

If there was ever a dispute over Phil Hellmuth's awesomeness and douchiness, here is the proof. Last weekend, he showed up at the 2008 World Series of Poker in a Military General uniform. Nothing better than blowing off a tournament with a 10 Grand buy-in, so you can walk around like this.

Busted Coverage has the full pictorial of photos, but I like this one the best: going to the feature table (the one ESPN has the cameras on) with Chuck Liddell looking thrilled at Phil's elaborate entrance. Side note: The World Series of Poker has a new rule this year banning “excessive celebration,” but grand entrances are still okay. Thank goodness.

This is further proof to my contention that Phil Helmuth is the Most Likeable Douchebag on Earth. Someday we'll have to have a tournament to make sure I'm right.

For your Day 2 Tim McKernan update, my boss was KO'd by poker pro Jeff Bryan a little after 5pm Tuesday. Bryan raised pre-flop with a 5/8 offsuit and ended up with a straight, beating McKernan's trip 4's. I ought to play 5/8 more often, maybe I'll actually make money playing poker. What a clown - but Bryan had the chips to push people around and got lucky. It was a good run by Timmy in his first WSOP though. Maybe dressing up as General Patton, followed by a train of Girl Next Door's is on the menu for 2009.

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