The Weekend that Never Happened

I was talking to Sir a little while ago and said that this entire weekend in Pittsburgh is pretty comparable to the infamous "Game That Never Happened" in Cincy back in '01. Sir and Maltliquorman are the only ones who know what I'm talking about, but long story short: the Cardinals blew like six leads in one game to the Reds, and lost on a walk-off bomb. I really don't want to look up who hit it because I know it's gross, and I don't want to do that to my stomach. The best part about that night is the "Andy Benes Special," which you'll just have to ask me about someday. Here's a recap of the weekend:

Friday night...I seriously don't remember a thing. I don't know if it's my oldness kicking in, because I think I did something (ie. not passing out on the couch after work), but I really don't remember. So this day is easy to say that it never happened.

Saturday night's game was pretty similar, because I'm sitting there (over at the Librarian's crib...start your rumors now), thinking how unreal this is - following each God-forsaken Pirate home run. So we're going to pretend like that game never happened, okay?

Sunday was also mind-boggling in the fact that Aaron Miles had a home run and five RBIs. Once again, never happened.

So I'm glad that's out in the open now and we can move on to tomorrow: Home Run Derby. It'll be hard not to remember anything about this year's derby because...

We're live-blogging the mother. That's right - come back tomorrow night for analysis from myself and The Good Face on baseball's mashin'est night of the year.

Unfortunately we don't have 16 sponsors like MLB does, but we're working on it (White Castle, looking at you: haymang@yahoo.com).

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Mad Librarian said...

I pass out in a drunken stupor for, like, six hours and (a) Aaron Miles does something other than look creepy and (b) Al Hrabosky fails to save A-B. WTF?!?