True Confessions of The Good Face

People often say to me, Mad Librarian, they say, what's lurking beneath The Good Face's Hulk-like exterior and colorful candy coating? And I say unto them, well, he's pretty much a whorish tweener girl with violent tendencies. The proof: Eight true confessions from TGF himself.

Describes Skip Schumaker as “put together,” if you know what I mean.

Used to rock out in a New Kids on the Block sweatshirt.

Enjoys the challenge of handling two or more, uh, burritos.

Claims he nearly killed a newborn baby. (This is where TGF gets all huffy and tells me to explain that he was a baby himself and the whole thing was an accident and everything turned out fine. And I say, would you trust this man?)

Has a warm spot in his heart for “When Harry Met Sally.”

Offers to drill his coworkers in the parking lot.

Loves Patrick Swayze and protests whenever someone invades his “dance space.”

Used to think a C-section delivery meant a baby born in the cheap seats at Mizzou’s Hearnes Center.


Anonymous said...

this is funny and all, but don't drag a random photo of corky from 'life goes on' into this.

it's not fair to corky; get your act together librarian.

The Letter T said...

I heard his favorite movies is Scarface.