Hoosiers on Parade

While most of the gang got crunk at Chez Maltliquorman on Saturday, I threw on a halter top and Tony Stewart fanny pack for an evening on the St. Charles riverfront. I took down a cherry snocone and a few Colts 45, danced to Doobies covers with mustachioed 60-something men, and passed out before the fireworks even started. Pretty fucking solid.

Some pictoral highlights:

Rocking classic light-wash jorts. That right hand just tossed an empty can of Bud Select.

The first product from Al Hrabosky's home T-shirt factory.

A St. Charles wankster. Stay classy, chief.

And finally, the best concession stand in the park. Don't miss the excellent shirt selections.

Let's do this again next year, America!


Anonymous said...

hey wanksta, it looks like a south central acne gang drove by and unloaded a couple rounds on your face. good lord.

The Good Face said...

When Erik Hashrake steps to the plate, he always swings a Sweet Meat Stick.

Anonymous said...

just noticed it says $6 each or 4/$20.

ha ha 420 - by the looks of those dudes in the meat stix booth, they are well aware of the hidden message.