Serious Journalism Alert!

So apparently our buddy Buzz Bissinger was also at the College World Series and, like Big Head, had a little trouble with the security guards. Lucky for us, Big Head's dust-up didn't involve blood...

...what happened when I tried to bring my camera into Rosenblatt to take pictures of my sons our last night there. I had done so the three previous games by dutifully showing my camera bag to security and was whisked through each time without a whimper. But the fourth time around, I was suddenly told by a security official that I had professional grade equipment and the N.C.A.A. does not allow such equipment into the games, presumably on the basis that I would take pictures and then try to sell them (no offense to my kids, but I don’t think they have much value on the open market).

I have a nice camera and some nice lenses, but they are not professional grade, nor am I a professional photographer. I tried to explain this. Blank stare. I tried to explain that I had no intention of shooting pictures of any of the players. Blank stare. I tried to explain that the pictures were for personal use only. Blank stare. I offered to let security officials keep the camera until the game was over so I could accompany my sons inside. Blank stare. I asked why had I already been allowed to enter the stadium three previous occasions with my camera. The answer back was that the enforcement of the N.C.A.A. rule had been lax. What rule? I didn’t see it posted anywhere.

An argument ensued, and I openly admit it got heated. An N.C.A.A. official in an orange shirt was called over. He had one of those little faces born in contempt, and he wasn’t happy. He curtly told me to take my camera bag back to my car. I told him I didn’t have a car since I was staying at a hotel on the Iowa side of the Missouri River and had gotten to the games by shuttle. He told me to go back to the hotel. I told him I would miss most of the game if I had go back to the hotel, not to mention the fact I was there with my sons. More heated argument ensued. More security officials arrived, excitedly smelling the scent of action. Camera alert! Camera alert! More argument. One of them got into my face. I got into his face. He pushed into my body. I pushed into his body.

I do not recommend this.

Roughly half a dozen security officials tackled me and threw me face first into the concrete, causing an ugly gash on my leg and a silver dollar-sized bruise on my arm. My glasses broke. One put me in a chokehold while another handcuffed me, all of it occurring in front of my three sons. They were traumatized. I was traumatized. Over a camera. At a sporting event, a college sporting event that likes to think of itself as the ultimate family affair.

I was told I was permanently banned from Rosenblatt. I was threatened with arrest. The gash in my leg was bleeding, a matter of concern because I am on the blood thinner coumadin (the result of recent five-hour reconstructive surgery for a clot in my leg) and one of the side effects of the drug can be unchecked bleeding.

Wow Buzz, I'm impressed. It doesn't sound at all like you're an asshole media member with a sense of entitlement or anything. Oh, wait, yes it does. How big of a douche do you have to be to get roughed up and cuffed at the College World Series? As the photo gallery can attest, we witnessed plenty of douches in Omaha that week and none of them felt the fist at the end of the long arm of the law. Congratulations Mr. Bissinger, you have received my vote for "Dickhead of the Year" for this incredibly ridiculous event.

And to use a particular turn of phrase that you seem to have popularised with the kids, "Frankly, I think you're full of shit."

Buzz Bissinger Gets His Ass Kicked At Rosenblatt (nytimes.com)


Anonymous said...

He didn't get the gate before getting in the gate? Pussy.

The Good Face said...

Calling You Out: Buzz Bissinger Edition

Buzz, you and me need to have it out. And this ain't even about the whole bloggers-iz-stoopid thing. It's about you needlessly italicizing "hit-and-run" throughout Three Nights in August. Maybe the CWS beatdown was karma's way of telling you that you iz stoopid.