This Probably Puts us on Dateline's "Watch" List

One of the things listed in the letter from the editor to our lovely readers back on June 9th was that we would be starting up a MySpace page to promote bertflex.com. You're probably letting out a huge groan because you know what's coming: Beee our Friend Pleeeeezee!!

We never win any popularity contests (except for me, when I was elected 6th grade Vice President...easiest office I've ever held), so make us feel better about ourselves and be our MySpace friend.

If it can't get any better (by "better" i mean "worse"), we also started up a FaceBook page. By being on both networking sites, we hope to promote BertFlex a little more, gain a few extra readers, and creep on eighteen year old girls, have one night stands, "other."

Look us up on FaceBook or MySpace (or both). We've only sent out a handful of friend requests, so if you didn't get one, feel free to send to us by clicking those links. Unless you hate us, which is understandable.

As always, email us with any questions, comments, or tips: haymang@yahoo.com

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