Holy Doctor

Most of us grew up on shitty powder blue uni's running bases like a man posessed on a 12in TV with rabbit ears (with foil of course on the ends) that had to be changed with the pliers that your dad stole from the neighbor. On random 1980's Sunday afternoon, your dad got housed on MGD or Bud and you sat there in your jorts, flip flops, and little league jersey with your baseball card collection in front of you looking like an absolute tool, wondering why your mom was always wanting a new station wagon. And we loved it.

New school meets old school at Channelsurfing.net, as they have their own old skool baseball channel. '55 World Series? Check. Watching Pee Wee Reese rack himself on a foul ball, of course sans cup, was one of the highlights that Channel Four New York couldn't turn away from. I realize it was 1955, and apparently hitting yourself in the dick hadn't been common enough for protection, but Channel 4 was a pretty heartless bastard back then to stick with the coverage. Then, five minutes later, one of the Yankees players goes down in a heap like Eight Belles on the backstretch. Conversation by announcer (only PxP, no color guy. Insert old tyme 1950's racist "color" joke HERE) went something like:

"Ohhhh!...Someone bring out the stretcher. Ok, here comes the stretcher [player being loaded on]. Allllrrrriiighht, let's play ball!"


**Post Edit**
Since the press box was a tight fit and all media was in there, in the bottom of the 8th, you can hear some writer macking on some chick in his best Rex Banner '50s voice. Awesome x2. Two minutes later, Ralph Branca gets the boot (not playing) and you can pick up all the '50s sweet curse words. Awesome x3. Job, you just took a back seat.

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