AB Takeover Plan B

One upon a time, your intrepid Bertflex.com legal correspondent found himself living in Washington, D.C. for the summer, serving as an intern. When he wasn't in the halls of Congress, or touring the Smithsonian, he was in a local pub, Lindy's Red Lion, near the campus of George Washington University, where he lived for the summer.

While there, he discovered a lot of local beer. Some of it, like Foggy Bottom, was okay. There was one that he still loves after all of these years. Best of yet, it's American-owned, and America's Oldest Brewery. Yuengling (Pronounced Ying-ling) is a wonderful beer. Hack even had Sir's parents bring back two cases that Sir purchased in Pennsylvania back over Thanksgiving. (There is still some left, ready for the next Bertflex.com poker night).

It turns out that Yuengling is now available in Tennessee! Hack is visiting Tennessee in a few weeks, and is he looking forward to loading up the trunk with two cases of the stuff. It's going to be a Smoky and the Bandit-style death race back to St. Louis, even if only in my mind!

If AB gets bought out by those fancy-pants Europeans, maybe it's time to bring America's oldest brewery to St. Louis. They even have an Eagle on their label.

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Mad Librarian said...

You have beer left from Thanksgivingish-time?!? I'm disappointed in you.