Please Let This Happen

Last night in NBA playoff action, the Atlanta Hawks beat the Celtics to send their series to a seventh game. I'm sure all the best cliches will be used for this one, seeing how the Hawks (37-45? Playoffs!?) were ginormous underdogs vs. the Eastern Conference's top team. I won't say Boston is the NBA's top team since the West was unbelievably stacked this year.

But now the Hawks are one game away from moving on to the second round of the four month long playoffs. Even more important is the eventual disappointment and anger that every Boston fan will feel if the mighty Celtics lose in the first round. Their idiot fans will still be pissed no matter when the Celtics lose, but to the Hawks? That's a dream come true for anyone outside of New England.

Maybe fate is with Atlanta, if you're into that thing. The franchise just celebrated the 50th anniversary of their last championship, when they were the St. Louis Hawks. Or maybe they have Jeff Weaver playing center and Chris Drury at the point, that seems like a good strategy to me.

So my request is that who-, or whatever you pray to (Jesus, Buddha, Allah, or God Shammgod), do some praying that the Celtics suck on Sunday - noon central.


The Good Face said...

I have done quite well without the NBA for the last seven years. Does Vancouver still have a team?

Anonymous said...