New Contributor

We have another new contributor to the BertFlex team - Mad Librarian. You may remember her from our 2008 Cardinal Off the Field Problem Pool.

What's that you say? Another giirrrl??? Well, we here at BertFlex have always been an equal opportunity employer when it comes to the opposite sex. That's about as far as it goes though, since we're coincidentally all a bunch of cracka's.

Please give a warm welcome to Mad Librarian, as she'll be helpful in cleaning up the BertFlex offices and making sandwiches posting a lot of quality content soon.

(At least I'm not racist)


Anonymous said...

Doubles our odds of some sexual harASSment.

Anonymous said...

tony slaps asses all the time. haven't you ever seen him on NCAA baseball '06?

Anonymous said...

Makes Harold Reynolds cringe.