The First Annual BertFlex Summer Intern Search

The other day, I noticed that those nerds at Baseball Prospectus have an ad out for intern positions. I must admit that it seems like it might be a cool gig -- who doesn't want to fawn all over Kevin Goldstein and his sexy ass -- er, sexy-ass prospect rankings.

Then it hit me: Why don't we get an intern? In true second-banana (third-banana?) style, I went over the head of my superior(s) and decreed that the First Annual BertFlex Summer Intern Search is officially underway.

Now, BP says that they are looking for U.S. students in "good standing" with their schools -- i.e., geeks and/or dweebs. We don't care about that. Our requirements:

1. Dudes need not apply. We have enough of them already and, with the exception of maltliquorman, none of us are really "eye candy."
2. You must be able to pick Jack Cust out of a lineup. This requirement can be waived if you have access to good seats at Busch Stadium that you would be willing to give us.
3. Uh, hmmm...I really hadn't thought this through. It would be cool if you had, like, an old NES we could play?

Duties (ha, "duties") of the winning applicant(s) are yet to be determined, but they likely will include some combination of food ordering and/or retrieval, along with Baseball-Reference.com consultation to resolve statistical disputes. Oh, and some light typing. Any and all interested parties can send their applications to haymang@yahoo.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

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