College World Series Predictions

As some of you may know, I'm kind of a big deal I like college baseball. According to the powers that be, that makes me weird but that's ok. This will be the second year in a row that I'll be attending the College World Series in beautiful Omaha, Nebraska. Of course, like any good fan, I've watched zero college games up to this point. With that level of expertise under my belt, here are my predictions for who will win each regional and super regional.

Miami over Michigan*
Georgia Tech* over NC State
Fullerton over Stanford
Florida St. over Wichita St.*
Coastal Carolina over North Carolina
LSU over Nebraska
Rice over Texas A&M
Arizona State over San Diego*

*-Regional Upset

However, after last year's CWS, I'm rooting for the UC-Irvine Anteaters to make a charge. Local teams I'm rooting for but probably won't make it: Missouri, Illinois-Chicago, and Eastern Illinois. Missouri, who has been ranked as high as #3 in the nation, drew stupid #1 seed Miami in regionals. Good luck with that, Tigers. White boy Yandi Alonso is gonna eff your day up. I'd also really like to see San Diego make it to Omaha so I can watch Brian Matusz make people look silly.

I'm already looking forward to Arizona State making it to Omaha so that OF Mike Jones gets announced over the PA system again. If you don't understand what makes that funny, you don't belong here.


Anonymous said...

Not to call away from your genius Sir, but how can Michigan be a Regional upset when they are hosting the regional?

That's like saying I'd be an underdog in a hamburger eating contest with an anorexic girl.

I agree- go Anteaters if Mizzou doen't make it. Ollie Linton is my hero, and maybe we'll see another sick 7hr game with UCI.

sir said...

Cause Michigan is a #2 seed. Arizona is the #1 seed in that regional but they got screwed out of hosting.

Since Michigan is hosting, they may be the "favorite" now, odds-wise but Arizona is still the top seed, making a Michigan victory an "upset".

Anonymous said...

Tough call at home, especially with the winged batting helmets. In Arizona, without a doubt the fightin' Lutes.

Zona got effed because ASU is hosting in the same region, right?

sir said...

That is correct. The NCAA didn't want two regionals that close together, fearing that it might hurt attendance or something. Because, you know, baseball regionals draw so well.