Callin' You Out: Softball Magazine

Ladies and gents, I had a major discovery the other night at Books-A-Million. Naturally I was checking out the magazines, since them books is hard tuh reed. I walked by the rows of porn (very slowly) and went straight to the sports section. After looking for a Baseball 'Mericah and not finding one, I glanced over and my mouth dropped after seeing something I have never seen before: Softball Magazine.

Not just fast pitch...slow pitch too. Some D-Bag is even featured on the cover of the current issue (left). And you know what? Their site says they've been around since 1996! That means they were celebrating their 5th anniversary when a certain team of mashers won the UMSL Rec Sports Tournament in the spring of '01. And they didn't even interview us, let alone put us on the damn cover?! Go to hell Softball Magazine!

Do the right thing and let us retell the story of our road to glory. I can even show you my Rec Sports Champion t-shirt, along with the homemade markered-up shirt I wore that day.

The championship game alone doesn't do the story justice, it has to be like a ten page spread; we'll even reenact the entire thing for you so you can take pictures. Do the right thing Softball Mag...do it.

Email me now: haymang@yahoo.com

Sir could tell the story. Maltliquorman could tell it. Annie Fresh could tell it. Even though he wasn't there, I'm sure Big Sandwich has heard this one a few thousand times; he could tell it. On the other hand Jon Frost had no idea what happened...he was home by the time we were lighting up the scoreboard.

Email me Softball Magazine. Seriously.

Or catch me on the diamond, I play 16 games a week.


sir said...

Why am I absolutely not surprised that Softball Magazine has a guy with swishy pants on their cover. What a d-bag. Cory Snyder should be on ever cover, every month, for ever.

Annie Fresh said...

4 words- chocolate chip cookie burger. Yum.

hazelwood's most wanted said...

i'm sure adam would be willing to reenact eating the cookie burger, along with the 600 hot dogs he killed that lovely sunday afternoon.