Are You Ready

(Posted at Mizzourah earlier)

And the answer is a definitive 'yes, this is what I've lived XX years for'. It is the 1st Mizzourah/Bertflex RBI Baseball Tourney going down in Omaha over the CWS. You coming to Omaha for the CWS? There isn't shit to do after/before the games other than to drink and eat...and now play RBI Baseball.

RBI and College baseball are similar in many ways:

-Bad Muzak being played during the game
-You're drunk
-25-19 scores aren't uncommon
-Check swings get it out of the park
-Homers aren't cheap. You blast it high enough that it was the last thing Payne Stewart saw.
-Dingers are done with flair and damage.

Sir from Bertflex has confirmed, and with an RBI Tourney being announced, I imagine this could bring HMW out of the woodwork. I'm expecting Sammy Vegas from DXP to be involved and give shitty odds to us all. So grab your Powerglove and send an email to bullyforoldmizzou@gmail.com or comment and confirm that you're in for some RBI extravaganza. Probable date of Sunday, 6/15, with the possibility of a rain (see Hangover) date of Monday night.


sir said...

Good sir, allow me to add a touch to your declaration...


Anonymous said...

Dad in 1988; "Why do you waste your time on RBI Baseball? It's nice outside"

Dad 2008; "Is RBI Baseball out on Wii yet?"