When Hack Visits, the Royals Win!

Ahh, Kansas City. You know, that city about 4 hours west on I-70? Not being a Missouri native, I’ve never been to Kansas City, but that all changed on April 13, when I made the journey west. I had court-related business early Monday morning, so I decided to head up and check out a Royals game. I wanted to see what this "New Blue Tradition" was all about.

It has a Minor League Feel!
HMW and Pellegrino both told me Kauffman Stadium "The K" had a "minor league feel." When asked for some clarification, they said it was a good feel. My first reaction when exiting I-70 at the ominous sounding "Sports Complex" exit was "Are you sure there is a game today?" It was about 20 minutes before first pitch, and the upper deck was completely empty. Katy, my girlfriend replied "No, it’s just a Royals home game." After the game I realized both were right, there was a minor league feel, in the quality of play, the size of the crowd, and the good but cheap seats I got.

When in Rome…..
The first rule that a lawyer knows is when to fit in. In this case, after purchasing tickets from a scalper (for below face value), I immediately purchased a Royals hat. Why? Wearing a Royals hat will help me fit in, and other Royals fans won’t see me as a threat. I can roam freely without being questioned.

After finding our seats, on the lower level, we realized that the wind was blowing right at us. Looking around, and realizing that there were only about 8,000 to 10,000 people in attendance, we decided to move to the third base line. After some photos, we settled in, and watched the Royals beat the Twins. Another exciting day for baseball in Missouri's "little brother" city.

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