Simple Math: College Baseball Minus Ping = BOOORING

The Good Face and I went over to MO'Fallon tonight to check out some college baseball action. Unfortunately, we didn't see "real" college baseball, nor did we see much action. Mizzou (#4 ranked team in the country) lost to SIU in a 2-1 pitchers duel. The teams played with wooden bats, which took away 99% of the coolness of college baseball, but it was a fun experience nonetheless.

Mizzou had plenty of chances to pull ahead - they stranded the bases loaded twice, and left a man on third in the 8th inning when Trevor Coleman was punched out on what seemed to be a strike from the 3rd base stands. He was pretty pissed, started yelling and pointing to the ump ("Your face is chocolate cake!" is what it sounded like), and got the gate.

It would have been cool to see Aaron Crow tonight, as this was his fifth day, but they must have been saving him for the weekend series at Texas A&M. Despite there being ZERO aluminum bats in the house, it was still a good time for my first college baseball experience.

A few notes:

-SIU has a guy with the last name "Crank." He did not play tonight, but I'm sure he would have hit 6 home runs. He sounds like a perfect fit for the MASH fantasy league. This is the best photo I could get from long range, and acting quickly.

-More photos can be seen at the Bertflex photo gallery.

-Not a lot of attractive females in the crowd, though the ones that were hot put on their skankiest attire for the game.

-If UMSL can afford a banner on the outfield wall, Bertflex needs to pool some money and buy one (possibly a joint venture w/ the Front Office and Mizzourah).

-A lot of well-hit balls tonight, but nothing remotely deep after the SIU home run in the second. Hmm, wonder what the problem was...oh yeah, NO ALUMINUM FUCKING BATS! Weak sauce.

-We were hoping to get a glimpse of Aaron Crow or Kyle Gibson as the players were walking by us. It probably would have helped if we knew what they looked like, though it's possible that Crow (and even Gibson) didn't make the trip if he was going to pitch on Friday. I was hoping that The Good Face could give Crow some words of encouragement by letting him know he's on his fantasy team (already) in the Hardcore League.

-It looks like FSN Midwest will be carrying the Mizzou vs A&M game Sunday Sunday Sunday at 1pm. Treadhead seats are ten bucks!

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