Lots of Important People at Ozzie's

I was out tonight doing a little fine dining at Ozzie's and none other than O. Smith was there in attendance. I'm not sure if there was an actual occasion, but he was signing autographs for a bunch of old ladies and fat slobs - with many combinations of both. It was the big "Dine Out St. Louis" charity thing tonight (you can google what was going on, I won't) so maybe that was the reason.

Besides signing balls, photos, and an assortment of crap, Ozzie mingled with a few guests and went into the special VIP section of the restaurant to hang out with his caucasian female friends. Of course, plenty of douchebag hangers-on were lurking around with their indoor sunglasses on, so I was sure not to mess with those gangsterrz. And I even think one of T-Mac's Girl Next Door contestants was prancing around, but I'm not great at recognizing minor local celebrities from the internet in public.

The other person - besides O. Smith - that I recognized was A++ level local celebrity Mickey Carroll. He and his entourage rolled into the joint and parked themselves at a table right next to The Wizard. If you're not familiar with Mickey, here is his extensive IMDB page:

And boom, that's it. Pack it in, done. I don't really get the fascination people have with Mickey Carroll, and I'm not really sure why he is marginally important in St. Louis, but if I asked him, I'm sure he'd tell me why. Hey, more power to him; especially when posing for pics with ladies 1/3 his age and twice as tall, he gets a nice view at eye level.

Oh and don't forget that Bertflex and insideSTL's own Hazelwood's Most Wanted was in the house. I didn't sign any autographs, I only had time to bang a few waitresses who dig unknown blog contributors. Just another day in the life...

But it was cool to actually step out into "the scene" for one night and hang out with the top celebrities St. Louis - no, the WORLD - has to offer. I plan on going to the mall this weekend and picking up some indoor shades so I can do this more often, and look like a badass in the process.

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Anonymous said...

Who gets more puhnnany; Ozzie or Ozzie Jr from American Idol "fame"?