Buzz Bissinger Thinks Your Blog Needs to Shut Up!

For those under a rock today, PROFESSIONAL journalist Buzz Bissinger thinks your blog is stupid and you're a moran. Buzz and our friend Will Leitch from Deadspin were on Bob Costas' show on HBO last night. We've posted about Costas' love of blogs and now Buzz joins the fray. Basically, Will was set up and ambushed by two guys who's livelihood are threatened by the "New Media." View the tape here, at Deadspin. Bravo, and one point for the "Mainstream Media", for showing those mean bloggers who's boss. Bob and Buzz are right, and only those who are professionals, like Shaun since he's now a professional, are allowed to write about sports. We comepletely agree.

Sports Journalism: Serious Business.


Anonymous said...

[don't forget the nice little cameo by Ken Tremendous too]

even though i write solely on the internets, i'll still call you out Sir. you hide behind your fake name, whoever you are! you're the reason why everything is wrong with everything!

my secretary was trying to send me an internet on friday, and it finally got to me on monday. explain that, blogger boy!! what the hell happened there with your precious computer machines?

you kids make me sick.

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Anonymous said...

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