Marshall McGoogle

The internets is a wonderful tool for finding everything about anything. Upon arriving at a friends house to watch the second half of the UNC/Duke game, which despite a Tar Heel victory was a disgusting display greasy basketballs, I was treated to this: How did this guy get a bowling scholarship? Apparently good friends of the site, David Inlow and Ben Bridgman, were having trouble remembering the web address for the Hardcore Baseball League and figured the only way to find it was googling the name of our webmaster T.P. aka Sir. I know this is the era proceeding the U of I bowling heyday, but man, carrying a 148 AVG! This will not be going in your Sports Century.


sir said...

Yes, I readily admit that average was terrible. By this time, I was more of a player/coach for the SIUE Bowling Cougars. Think of me as Brad Ausmus without the average.

Big Head said...

TP is the Solly Hemus of the late '90s.